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Too Stressed to Cover the Little Things? We’ll Do it For You!

When life gets busy, what’s the first thing that suffers? The details, of course. If your automobile isn’t as tidy as you’d like it to be, give us a call. Black Diamond Detailing specializes in vehicle detailing in Perham, MN and the surrounding area, but we can also clean your semi, RV, boat, motorcycle, or even your airplane! We offer both drop-off and mobile service and go the extra mile to make your vehicle as spotless and beautiful as possible.

Can’t Come to Us? No Problem! We’ll Come to You!

We offer interior, exterior, and combination packages that are sure to meet your needs. Whether you’re cleaning out your truck for a big date, the kids have made a disaster of your van’s interior, or you’re getting ready to put your vehicle up for sale, we can help. Check out our basic packages below. They are available either in-shop or through our mobile service, which covers a 30-mile radius of Perham (we will travel further with an extra gas fee). Prices may change according to the condition of your vehicle. Keep in mind, we also detail campers, boats, semi cabs, fleet vehicles, and any other special requests, as well as semi-trailer washouts. Call us for details and pricing. We’d love to speak with you about your detailing project, large or small.

Black Diamond Detailing.
Interior Detailing

Our interior detailing package will make your mother proud to ride with you again. We’ll wipe vehicle’s door jams and door panels clean; thoroughly vacuum the interior; shampoo the carpets, upholstery and floor mats; steam clean the interior; clean the headliner, condition all leather; and vacuum and shampoo the trunk or cargo area.

Price: $189

Exterior Detailing

With our exterior detailing package, your car will be turning heads again when you drive down the street. We’ll begin by removing all the bugs and bird droppings, then we’ll clean, air dry, and dress the engine compartment, and foam wash the exterior cannon before giving it a nice waxing. 

Price: $150

The Works Detailing

Pamper your vehicle with our works package. You’ll receive everything in both our Interior Detailing Package and Exterior Package, at a discounted price.

Price: $240

Motorcycle Detailing
Steel horses were meant to shine. Black Diamond can detail your motorcycle and have it looking showroom clean. Our Motorcycle Detailing Package includes:

  • Foam cannon wash
  • Clean tires and rims
  • Bug removal
  • Spray detail cleaner
  • Degrease motor leaks
  • Leather conditioning
  • Degrease undercarriage
  • Tire conditioner
  • Complete motor detail
  • Condition all plastic/vinyl

Price: $200

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